Quintessence Sanitizer


Our No-Rinse-Sanitizer is the perfect sanitizer for a plethora of applications. It’s non-toxic, Kills germs fast, environmentally safe, cheap and versatile. Smells refreshing, and actually improves air quality instead of making nasty fumes like other cleaners. The active ingredients are 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide and organic peppermint oil grown on organic farms in Missouri. For most applications, 3% hydrogen peroxide is all that is needed to completely sanitize. We also sell a 5% concentration for a heavy duty and special use.

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Common Uses:

  • mouthwash
  • environmentally safe toilet-bowl cleaner
  • general disinfectant
  • third-sink-sanitizer
  • vegetable wash
  • swimmer’s ear cure
  • refreshing carpet cleaner
  • cutting board cleaner
  • Kills black mold
  • mushroom substrate pasteurizing agent
  • grout cleaner
  • teeth whitener
  • Stain remover
  • whitens whites
  • add 1/2 cup Quintessence No-Rinse-Sanitizer to 1 gallon of water to cure plants of fungal overgrowth
Use with caution:

Will slightly bleach some dark surfaces over time if not wiped off.

  • No Rinse Sanitizer Our premium line of handcrafted cleaners using ingredients that are safe to handle and effective for both bacterial control and viral-static.